Analemma Wines

Owner(s) Steven Thompson
Web site www.analemmawines.com
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Analemma Wines

The analemma is a figure 8 shape of the Sun's annual migratory path between the northern and southern hemispheres as seen from the Earth. The figure of the analemma is similar to the symbol of infinity. This winery draws its inspiration from this image of "boundlessness" or "beyond calculation."

Steven Thompson discovered wine on his travels throughout Europe and New Zealand as a cycling guide. He worked his first harvest in Tuscany and upon return to the United States, he began his pursuit of a career in wine by enrolling in the Viticulture and Enology program at Walla Walla Community College. There he worked closely with professor, mentor and hero Stan Clarke.

Thompson's winemaking experience includes several Walla Walla wine producers including Cayuse Vineyards, and New Zealand's Craggy Range and Seresin Estate.

While in New Zealand, Thompson had an opportunity to care for one of the oldest vineyards in the Pacific Northwest: Atavus Vineyard. He and his partner Kris moved to the Columbia Gorge to create wines from this unique vineyard. Two other vineyards are sourced including Oak Ridge (co-farmed with owners Thomas and Marlene Woodward) and Saddle View (at site of the winery production facility in Mosier, OR).

Current wines include a Pinot Noir, Rosé, Gewürztraminer and Sparkling. The wines are offered through a mailing list.