Owner(s) Casella Family
Web site www.discoveryellowtail.com
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Filippo and Maria Casella were Italians with grape roots who moved to Australia in 1957. They decided to begin making wine in 1969, sourcing fruit from throughout South Eastern Australia. Now, almost a third of the grapes used for [yellowtail] are grown in the Casella family's vineyards, consisting of nearly 540 acres in the Riverina region of Australia. In 1994, the Casellas built a new winery.

Today, the company is run by Filippo's three sons and Filippo's grandchildren have become the sixth generation to join the family business. In 2000, John Casella joined with W.J. Deutsch & Sons to bring [yellowtail] to the United States.

The name comes from the yellow-footed rock wallaby, a smaller cousin of the kangaroo that has a golden tail.

Multiple varietals are offered including Pinot Noir, and widely distributed in the United States retail wine market. [yellowtail] wines are the largest selling brand in the United States.

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