Double Zero Winery

Owner(s) Mark Tarlov
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Double Zero Winery

The first Oregon winery to sell an Oregon Pinot Noir for more than $200 a bottle. In fact, their Shea and Hyland vineyard bottlings were $300 a bottle.

Michael D. Etzel, son of Beaux Freres winemaker Mike Etzel, led the winemaking for the original Double Zerl wines from the 2012 vintage. The wines were made in a very labor-intensive fashion - individual berries snipped off clusters by hand and put directly into oak barrels. When full, the barrels were sealed and fermentation allowed to begin naturally. The resulting wines were rare and expensive. Michael D. Etzel has since moved on to become the winemaker at Beaux Freres.

The Double Zero Winery is now partially owned by a group of investors led by a Portland attorney along with Mark Tarlov, the owner of Chapter 24 wines. The group took a long-term lease on Witness Tree Vineyard and plan to slowly increase production of the Double Zero brand. They are also planning to produce Chardonnay with the help of a Burgundian consultant.

In early 2017, the winery released a second label priced at $119 a bottle, VGR (Very Good Red). This wine is a blend of lots from the fruit harvested and fermented for the Double Zero bottlings from Shea and Hyland vineyards. Stylistically, it is different from the Double Zero bottlings, in that it is heavily extracted and vinified in high toast new oak barrels.

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