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Owner(s) James Addison Terry, Colleen Terry, Rick Terry
Web site www.andwinecompany.com
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...and... Wine Company

The Terry family has a long history of farming, ranching and tending vines. Grandparents first tended vines in the Mosel River Valley of Germany, then farmed in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the great Plains states. A new generation now carries on the tradition in Oregon.

Rick Terry initially chose a career in wealth management but the love of the land stayed with him. In 2010, he began looking for property in the Willamette Valley. He found an overgrown and abandoned Christimas tree farm in Yamhill-Carlton.

Currently, 15 of the property's 57 acres are farmed with the rest kept in its primordial state. The vineyard is planted to Pinot Noir (667, 943, 777, 115, "828," Pommard and Coury clones) and Cjhardonnay (76, 75, 95 and Musque) over 13 blocks.

Finding it difficult to come up with a name that was unique, meaningful and could be trademarked, the first several years the family operated as Terry Family wines. In 2014, it was learned that a derivation of "Terry" was trademarked by a global company. A new name had to be found and they came up with the idea of using and and three ellipses preceding and following the word connotating openness, surrounding the connectivity of "and." They saw their wines as a connector of people, places, ideas, senses and family.

The wines are sold on the website. A Yamhill-Carlton and Estate Pinot Noir and Yamhill-Carlton and Estate Chardonnay are offered. The first vintage was 2013.

The winemaker is Jared Etzel, the second generation of Beaux Freres who started working in the vineyard at the age of 10 years. He worked vintages in the Willamette Valley, Rioja, Priorat, Napa and the Sonoma Coast.

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