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2012 Pinot Noir Daphne

Named after friends. 1.5 acres at 820’-860’, one of the highest vineyards in the Dundee Hills. Planted in 1974. Produced in 2001, 2008 and 2009 vintages. · Moderately dark reddish purple color in the glass. Complex nose featuring aromas of black cherry, Herbs de Provence, spice and iron. Intensely fruity featuring a core of sweet blackberry fruit accented by earth and minerals, and a bold finish. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2012 Pinot Noir Original Vines

7 acres at 260’-410’. Planted between 1965 and 1985. Wines produced from these vines were labeled Reserve until 2005 when the name was changed to Original Vines. · Moderate reddish purple color in the glass. Very savory, with considerable dried herbs and tobacco notes accented with core of cherry fruit. Juicy with modest tannins and noticeable finishing length. Needs several years in the cellar. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2012 Pinot Noir Outcrop

Formerly the Eason Vineyard now owned by Eyerie, named after at outcrop of volcanic soil. 5 acres at 280’-360’. Planted in 1982-2002. Unknown clone, possibly Wädenswil 2A. · Light reddish purple color in the glass. Darker fruits are featured with a subtle smoky, iron undertone. Balanced tannins and easy to like now. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2012 Pinot Noir Rolling Green

5.1 acres at 540-720 feet. Planted in 1989. · Light reddish purple color in the glass. Welcoming perfume of fresh black cherry and savory herbs. Delicious mid weight black cherry core framed by healthy tannins and lively acidity. Amazingly generous and long finish. A special wine. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2012 Pinot Noir Sisters

Named after the three Pinot sisters: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Meunier. 4 acres at 200’-360’. Planted in 1988-1989. · Light cherry red color in the glass. Scents of cherry and baking spice leading to an impressive attack and finish. Bright acidity, with a hint of herbs and plenty of tart cherries on the finish. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2007 Pinot Noir South Block Reserve

Picked October 5, Brix 23.1º, pH 3.44. For sale. Moderate weather throughout the summer and fall. David’s final cuvée. He blended this wine shortly before he passed away, and it was re-barreled for a further 16 months before bottling in 2010. Atypically, this wine included some whole cluster inclusion. · Very light reddish purple color in the glass. Stem inclusion is evident in this wine with a leafy, herbal note on the nose and palate. Very smooth and silky, with a core of red cherry and strawberry flavors, picking up interest and intensity over time in the glass. Still young. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2005 Pinot Noir Estate

Picked September 14, Brix 20.1º, pH 3.50. For sale. Dry winter, wet spring, uneven grape set and modest yields of 1.5 tons per acre. Jason’s first vintage has the winemaker in charge at Eyrie. · Light purple color in the glass. Aromas of black cherry mash, herbs and tobacco. Mid weight flavors of black cherry, ripe strawberry and the faintest oak with a touch of herbs on the finish. A bit austere. Sorry Jason, but my least favorite Pinot Noir. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2004 Pinot Gris Original Vines

Picked September 24, Brix 23.2º, pH 3.44. For sale. Very cool weather in the season kept the crop relatively low, while a dry, hot summer put sugar levels higher than expected. Cooler temperatures and a small amount of rain right before harvest helped to tame the sugars and promote flavor ripeness. · Golden pink color in the glass. Inviting aromas of tropical fruits, grilled lemon and toasty nuts. Impressive freshness and balance with tasty flavors of pineapple, banana and citrus framed by lively acidity. WINERY » ARTICLE »

2002 Chardonnay Estate

Picked October 22, Brix 22.6º, pH 3.29. For sale. Perfect crop levels, warm and dry summer. One of the Willamette Valley’s finest vintages. · Pale golden yellow color in the glass. Bright aromas of lemon curd, creme brulee and Asian pear. Crisp and refreshing on the palate with vivid flavors of citrus fruits and a subtle thread of leafy herbs. Well-endowed with acidity, the wine’s finish is clean and thirstquenching. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1998 Pinot Noir Estate

Picked September 30, Brix 23.8º, pH 3.50. For sale. Warm winter temperatures, late spring rains reduced grape crops by 50%. Quality was outstanding but quantity was limited. First vintage after college for Jason. · Light reddish purple color in the glass. Very floral perfume leading to flavors of cherry and plum. Still quite fresh and even a little tight, with balanced tannins and noticeable citrus-driven acidity. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1995 Chardonnay Estate

Picked October 9, Brix 21.0º, pH 3.44. For sale. A good growing season with rain at harvest. · Pale golden yellow color in the glass. Shy aromas of citrus and pear. More giving on the palate, with flavors of lemon curd, Asian pear and green apple framed by balanced tannins and acidity. A subtle vein of green herbs peeks out in the background. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1992 Pinot Noir South Block Reserve

Picked September 5, Brix 23.0º, pH 3.60. For sale. The hottest year in Oregon’s brief viticultural history, including the warm 2014 vintage. Earliest harvest ever for Eyrie. The challenge was preserving the elegance of the fruit in a year with a shorter ripening span. · Light reddish purple color in the glass. Nicely perfumed with scents of black cherry pie glaze, strawberries and spice. Ripe flavors of purple grapes, strawberries and boysenberries. Very elegant with bright acidity and inviting intensity and length on the finish WINERY » ARTICLE »

1991 Pinot Gris Willamette Valley

Picked October 10, Brix 22.6º, pH 3.31. For sale. Extended ripening season. 87% Estate. · Very pale salmon orange color in the glass. Very enticing perfume of tropical fruits, roasted nuts and caramel. Good attack and palate presence with flavors of citrus, pear and apple. Very fresh and vibrant with balancing acidity and a refreshing finish. Amazing! WINERY » ARTICLE »

1986 Pinot Noir Barrel Reserve

Picked November 22, Brix 19.0º, pH 3.84. For sale. Not released previously. Perfect bloom, warm to hot summer, rain in last two weeks of September causing some panic. Grapes picked before and after the rains. The wine spent 18 additional months (30 months total) in barrel. Chaptalized a modest amount to get sugars up to 22.0º. · Light purple color in the glass. Aromas of purple grape and spice lead to rustic flavors of red and blue berries and red plum with an herbal vein in the background. Complimentary oak, modest tannins, and a sweet finish filled with fruit. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1984 Chardonnay Estate

Picked November 5, Brix 18.4º, pH 3.50. For sale. Extremely cool year with a damp October. Miraculously, the grapes came into the winery warm and dry. 65% Eyrie vineyards. Chaptalized. · Golden orange color in the glass. Aromas of marzipan, sherry, nuts and vanilla wafer. Flavors of blood orange, lemon and lime framed by a good cut of acidity. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1983 Pinot Gris Willamette Valley

Very pale salmon color in the glass. Delicious flavors of apple and pear, Incredibly alive and vibrant with perfect balance and some finishing power. Amazing! · Very pale salmon color in the glass. Delicious flavors of apple and pear, Incredibly alive and vibrant with perfect balance and some finishing power. Amazing! WINERY » ARTICLE »

1980 Pinot Noir South Block Reserve

Picked October 17, Brix 23.4º, pH 3.62. For sale. Late bloom with considerable rainfall in June. Warm summer with warmer than usual early October. Yields 0.8 tons per acre. · Moderately light purple color in the glass. Appealing scent of purple berries and spice. Demure but delicious flavors of sweet plum and berry, brewed tea and a touch of floral goodness. Well-structured with some finishing power. More pedigree than the Reserve. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1977 Pinot Gris Estate

Picked October 17, Brix 23.2º, pH 3.26. Not for sale. From 4 rows of original plantings. Cool spring with set in early July. September gave twice the normal amount of rain with gradually cooling temperatures extending into October. · Pale golden orange color in the glass. Aromas of stewed apple, nuts, and caramel. Apple-driven flavors slightly faded with very bright acidity and a dry finish. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1976 Pinot Noir Barrel Reserve

Picked October 29, Brix 23.5º, pH 3.60. 22 cases, never released. For sale. Protracted coolness in September and October captured all the flavor possible for this vintage. In David’s opinion, 1976 and 1975 were the best of the decade. Aged 3 years to soften tannins. · Light purple color with slight bricking of the rim of the glass. A delightful wine with considerable charm remaining, offering an elegant array of cherry, tobacco, tea and dried herb flavors framed by mild dry tannins, finishing with a bright, cherrydriven finish that lingers. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1973 Chardonnay Estate

Picked October 12, Brix 21.8, pH 3.43. Dry and relatively cool from April through June. Moderating temperatures in August and slightly warmer in September with 3 inches of rain in the third week. Cool until harvest. · Pale golden yellow color in the glass. Very delicate, with citrus, green apple and roasted nut highlights, finishing bright and clean. WINERY » ARTICLE »

1972 Pinot Noir Estate

Picked October 4, Brix 22.5º, pH 3.53. Not for sale. · Light purple color in the glass with slight bricking of the rim. A delightful aged wine with flavors of cherry, tobacco, tea and dried herbs. Admirable elegance with mild dry tannins and a thirst-quenching finish. WINERY » ARTICLE »

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