Vineyard: Blue Slide Ridge

OwnerMartinelli Family
AppellationSonoma Coast
StoryNamed for formations of blue rock, but nearly named "Rattle Snake Ridge" due to the large population of rattlers that populate the cool hollows beneath the blue rocks. The site was once prime sheep grazing land. Planted by Lee and Carolyn Martinelli to the specifications of Helen Turley and John Wetlaufer.
Dates Planted1995
LocationOn the second ridge inland from the Pacific coastline.
VarietiesPinot Noir
Trellis SpacingVertically trained with fruit 24 and 28 inches above ground to aid early ripening. 2000 vines per acre spaced 1 meter x 2 meter.
ManagersGeorge Martinelli, Lee Martinelli, Lee Martinelli, Jr.