Vineyard: Crowley Station

OwnersJim Fischer, Jr., Jim Fischer, Sr.
AppellationEola-Amity Hills
StoryFather, son and uncle planted a 15-acre vineyard and later decided to start their own label producing wine in urban Portland using grapes from the estate Crowley Station Vineyard. Own-rooted, dry-farmed vines situated on an ancient seabed.
Dates PlantedOnset 2000
LocationOn Holmes Hill at the exit of Holmes Gap in the Van Duzer Corridor.
AspectSouth-facing, surrounded by an Oregon white oak forest. 250-450 feet elevation at end of Van Duzer corridor.
SoilsShallow sedimentary filled with fossil remnants.
VarietiesChardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
Clones114, 115, 777, Pommard
Rootstockown rooted
ManagersJim Fischer, Jr., Jim Fischer, Sr.